Essential Aspects That New Mothers Need to Know About Circumcision

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As an expectant mother, one of the questions you get from a pediatrician is whether you plan to have your newborn circumcised or not. However, most new parents do not know that circumcision is a standard procedure for newborns, and they do not have to wait longer than necessary. Notably, circumcision involves the removal of a baby's foreskin to reveal the penis head. In most cases, pediatricians recommend that new mothers have their babies circumcised before leaving a hospital. The procedure can safely be conducted within ten days after birth.

If you decide to have your baby circumcised, here are a few things to know about the procedure.

Not Every Baby Is a Candidate

Often, a pediatrician will tell new mothers that not every baby is a candidate for early circumcision. For example, most newborns are circumcised two days after birth, but you must wait longer if your baby is premature. The reason is that premature babies are below the minimum recommended weight to undergo a circumcision procedure. Thus, you must wait until your baby reaches the ideal weight. Similarly, babies born with deformities in the penis or those whose families have a history of bleeding problems are poor candidates for early circumcision. Most importantly, talk to a pediatrician to get clearance for the procedure.

Plastic Ring Remains and Falls Off Later

During circumcision, a pediatric surgeon uses one of three kinds of clamps to help clip off the foreskin. The circumcision procedure remains the same regardless of the type of clamp a surgeon chooses. Notably, a surgeon attaches a clamp to a penis then clips off the excess foreskin hanging out of the ring. Typically, pediatric surgeons leave the ring on and wrap a penis with gauze after applying a healing ointment to the fresh wound. You should not worry too much about the ring because most fall off after a week or so. However, if you notice that the ring is still on your son's penis after two weeks, you should take them to a hospital for a checkup and manual removal.

A Baby Remains Awake during the Procedure

Circumcision is a minor surgical procedure like any other; adults just need an anesthetic to numb the surgical site. However, most new mothers believe that their newborn sons need to be put under anesthesia during the procedure to numb the pain. However, minor surgical procedures do not warrant general anesthesia, even for newborns. An anesthetic injection for numbing the penis is enough to keep a baby calm during the procedure. A surgeon might use a numbing cream in place of an injection for the same purpose. The bottom line is that your son will be awake during the entire procedure.