Cosmetic Procedures: Four Critical Tips for Recovery After a Brow Lift

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The brow lift is an ideal procedure for reducing wrinkles in the forehead area. Moreover, the repositioning of eyebrows will give the face a more youthful appearance. In general, this cosmetic process is not complicated, and the risk of complications is minimal. However, keep in mind that the final facial appearance will depend on the quality of recovery. Therefore, if you are planning on getting a brow lift, consider these tips for complete healing.

Use the Medication

The simplicity of the brow lift procedure means a reduced need for pharmaceuticals during the recovery period. However, the doctor might prescribe some oral or topical medications, depending on the potential risks. For instance, pain management is crucial for healing by reducing inflammation and preventing interference like scratching. If analgesics are prescribed, use them as indicated to stay ahead of intense pain. Antibiotics are also commonly used for preventing infections. Use the prescribed topical ointments or oral drugs for the recommended period.

Elevate the Head

Some swelling is expected following the brow lift procedure. However, some actions can cause the swelling to remain for longer than necessary or even increase the severity. The most common cause of swelling complications is bending. Therefore, avoid physical activities that demand this form of movement. Also, plan on resting because vigorous movement will elevate blood pressure and increase fluid build-up. Additionally, keep the head elevated when lying down. If you experience discomfort, use an ice compress on the brow.

Monitor for Problems

When the procedure is completed, the tissues around the brows will be affected. Most patients experience bruising and inflammation around the eyes. The swollen eyes can be a source of distress for patients, but the problem disappears within a short period. If you have symptoms which indicate poor healing, consult your doctor. For example, if your eyes experience pain or your vision is blurry, contact your doctor for a check-up. Professional help is particularly important if you had multiple procedures or are taking other medications. Also, if you feel unusual discomfort or the rate of healing is not as expected, note the problems and reach out to your specialist.

Follow Instructions

Finally, follow the instructions provided at the cosmetic clinic after the brow lift procedure. The simple guidelines will minimise the risk of complications like infections. For example, take note of the time period recommended before using make-up on the forehead area. Also, if sutures and bandages are applied, inquire about removal before interfering with them. Additionally, keep the follow-up appointment with your doctor. 

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